Shanghai Estrongchem Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in May 2000
The rubber business department was established in August 2000
In March 2001, the first field office of Yicheng Chemical, Xingtai Office, was established
In September 2002, he became the agent of ExxonMobil elastomer products
Xi'an Office was established in October 2002
In October 2002, he became the agent of Cabot carbon black
Xiamen Office was established in April 2003
Guangzhou Office was established in May 2003
In June 2003, the Plastic Chemical Business Department was established
In October 2003, he became the general agent of Jinhu EPDM in China
In August 2004, he became the agent of Zhanxin Resin in China
The tire business department was established in March 2006
Qingdao Office was established in June 2006
In March 2007, he became the exclusive agent of Dickson (now Otego) tire pad in China
Shenyang Office was established in July 2007
The Marketing Department was established in May 2008 - focusing on product development and marketing
In September 2008, it became the exclusive agent of Rubaid rubber additives in China
Yichuang Chemical moved to the new site in March 2009
In August 2009, it became the POE agent of Nordic Chemical
Chongqing Office was established in October 2009
CRM system online application in December 2009
In February 2010, he became the exclusive agent of Elkem special silicon dioxide Sidistar in China
In May 2011, it became the agent of the American Mokeli
In July 2011, Yichuang Chemical Additives Department was established, focusing on product promotion of additives and auxiliary materials
In September 2011, he became the agent in the rubber oil products industry of France Total Group
In March 2012, he became a Japanese DIC cobalt salt agent
In December 2012, the company's sales exceeded 500 million yuan
In July 2013, he became the Chinese agent of Glass white carbon black in Venezuela
In December 2013, the company's sales exceeded 600 million yuan
In March 2014, Yichuang Chemical, together with French Otego Company, successfully held a seminar on scientific and technological mat in Qingdao
In February 2015, LUTEG NOVERS hydrocarbon resin agent in China
In April 2017, the 2017 China Qinghe Sealing Strip Technology and New Material Application Seminar was held,
Wosheng Laboratory and Equipment Department was established in May 2018
In July 2019, Yicheng Chemical moved to a new site
In July 2020, the Research Center of Qingdao University of Science and Technology was established
In June 2022, become the agent of Norrit activated carbon in the Netherlands
In July 2022, it will become the authorized agent of Otsuka Chemical in Japan